Durban Poison – a name so synonymous amongst the South African cannabis community but so loosely tossed around that the true genetics of this once highly sought-out strain have been lost through the ages. The brains behind Green Smoke Room Seeds made it their personal mission to set the record straight and went in search of the perfect ‘Land Race’ that they could finally call their very own.

Pure cannabis strains (or land race strains) are strains that have been allowed to grow and develop in the wild – their most natural environment! Land race strains have never been cross-bred with any other strain and are often found in the most remote locations on earth and as a result, due to their isolation, we get genotypes (genetics) that cannot be replicated with commercially produced cannabis.

So, through the lush fields of Kwa-Zulu Natal they went, seeking a strain that dominated the vast lands and that displayed the same legendary geno and pheno-type characteristics as how the original Durban Poison had been described to them.

Once a farm had been found they were surprised at how knowledgeable the local growers were and despite being hugely under-resourced were still able to produce such a perfect plant. We then set about up-skilling these farmers and helped them further perfect their growing techniques and methods.

Seeds were shipped to their licensed facility in California where they were crossed with trusted American genetics to produce the African-American genetics we have today.

This pure sativa originates from the South African port city of Durban. It has gained notoriety worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity. The buds are round and chunky and leave a thick coating of trichomes on almost all areas of the plant. This influence is apparent in some wide, early leaf growth although by the end of its lifecycle it will display typical sativa-like characteristics with long buds and narrow leaves.

Green Smoke Room stocks Durban Poison in both regular and feminised versions as well as a wide selection of strains proudly bearing the original Durban Poison blood-line.