When it comes to producing potent cannabis, many growers will proclaim that they know the ‘secret’ as if harbouring some form of unobtainable knowledge, insisting that their methods are superior and are to be trusted. While there is no ‘secret’ solution to perfecting your pot, many variables in the process will affect your plant in different ways.

It begins with Choosing the Right Strain, using Correct Lighting to Maximise Potential and knowing When to Harvest to Get the Hardest Hits. Finally, and arguably the most crucial part of the entire procedure is the drying and curing of your buds. Followed by successful storage, we will be delving deep into these topics below to help extend the shelf-life of your pot, preserving it so perfectly for that post-lockdown party!

Patience is often praised as being the virtue that will grace the growth of your plant, and throughout the curing process we cannot stress its continued importance despite how drawn out and delayed the whole thing may seem, when all along all you fancied was a little toke.

Curing, commonly associated with foodstuff, involves salting, drying, or smoking various products. With your precious pot however, all you need is a bit of humidity. Yes, you read that right – humidity. Now were not talking the Durban in July sort of humidity, but merely being able to control or slow down how quickly your plant loses moisture immediately after harvesting. While you may be tempted to rush this process by sticking it in the sun or the microwave (we have heard horror stories!), prolonging it will only ensure a better taste, smell and smoke when it is eventually ready.

Firstly, before curing can take place, there is the obvious yet often overlooked method of drying you hard-earned harvest. This can be done by hanging the branches in a cool, dark place with good air circulation. A cupboard is quite common. After about a week or two, or when the stems are less flexible and begin to snap more easily, you are ready for the next step.

Using an air-tight container along with Boveda 2-way Humidity Control sachets, your cannabis can now begin to cure. It is important to open your jar or container multiple times in a day for a moment or two, to allow any excess moisture to escape. If you do happen to smell mould when breaking the seal, it is clear indicator that your buds are not dry enough for this stage so simply remove them and dry them a bit longer before returning.

As time passes and the buds continue drying, you will only need to let your buds breathe every few days before its finally primed to enjoy. Usually after around four weeks, its flavour and aroma will be widespread although allowing it to cure longer will only improve it further. Some will go as far as curing their buds for as long as six months!

Remember, a correct cure will permit you to store your pot for longer periods without the added worry of mould. Well-cured flowers can be kept for up to a year or two without losing any of its strength!