As a new decade dawns in Mzansi, the guys at Green Smoke Room feel there is no better time to reflect on the last ten years of splendid service they have strived to supply to their long-standing customers.

From a speedy and discreet delivery service to only the dopest seed specials South Africa has to offer – Green Smoke Room has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception way back in 2009, a true pioneer of its kind!

With new stores popping up like plants on the horizon all the time, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to whether the seeds these stores claim to be selling, as well as the genetics behind them, are in fact trustworthy or even legitimate at all!

Green Smoke Room proudly supplies a number of these stores nationwide including Biltong & Budz and Trophy Seeds with selected strains available for purchase on their websites. For a wider selection of GSR exclusive strains head on over to their website at

All orders for locally held stock are usually shipped within 48 hours upon receiving payment while there is also a range of strains, in original breeder packaging, ready for immediate purchase. These can be found in their ‘Limited Section’ and includes packs by popular breeders Humboldt Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds.

Feel free to contact them via email or pop past one of the many events and festivals that GSR has shown its beautiful face and say hi. From the annual 4/20 D-Day in April to weekly Green Sesh Sunday markets, the famous Spin N Win wheel always makes an appearance and loves to reward spinners with it’s delicious deals.

Along with supplying seeds to the nation, the helpful team at GSR is always ready to lend a hand and offer advice. Whether it be queries from beginner-growers regarding germination or your more experienced breeders seeking clarity in their techniques, Green Smoke Room is there for you.

Green Smoke Room – Still your trusted and longest running seedbank in South Africa!