Auto African Amnesia is the outcome of the best of the new and the old. An unparalleled African Kush and Auto Amnesia combo that provides a fresh citrus flavour and a powerful effect not suitable for first-timers.

Auto African Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds produce medium-sized/big sturdy marijuana plant with mid-sized leaves. Expect big compact buds soaked in fruit-scented resin. This trouble-free strain offers abundance of high-quality crops with a really strong Sativa-like effect. It is worth pointing out that this high quality strain offers the skyfall of terpene limonene responsible for the unbeatable organoleptic qualities.

The flavour and aroma of Auto African Amnesia are strong and fresh, with pronounced hints of lemon. It causes a powerful and long-lasting cerebral effect. In summary, a Kush-influenced cannabis joy that will please Amnesia-lovers at once.